Introduction:Natural cosmetics made from edible materials

Cosmetics and Dietary supplement made from “Acerola” the beauty skin fruit.

From Yanbaru, Okinawa


“Okinawa” is Japan’s only subtropical climate region

There are many variety of natural materials like plants and herbs growing under the shining sun and mineral-rich deep ocean water in tropical islands of Okinawa.

Items of Acerola produced from “Yanbaru” where is northern part of Okinawa

Acerola was introduced for the first time in 1958 to Okinawa by bringing one nursery stock from Hawaii, but real production did not start until 1982. Because Acerola was originated in West Indian Islands in Caribbean Sea, heat and strong sun of Okinawa island’s northern area called Motobu town is quite suitable to grow Acerola on their relatively dry soil. Motobu town is the northern limit where it is possible to grow Acerola outside (without green house). Most northern grown Acerola has very sweet and mild sour taste.

Acerola and strictly selected materials of Okinawa

  • Acerola


    Acerola is said to be the king of vitamin C contained fruit, because it contains 34 times more vitamin C than lemon. Because Vitamin C is indispensable component to make a beautiful skin, that is why vitamin-C-rich Acerola is called “beauty skin fruit”.

  • Kume Island’s Deep Ocean Water

    Kume Island’s Deep Ocean Water

    All the base of our cosmetics uses Kume Island’s Deep Ocean Water, matured and circulated through the earth in 2000 years. Deep ocean water collecting from 612m deep under the ocean contains very few bacteria and variety of minerals.

  • Kucha

    Kucha(Marine silt)

    Kucha is a marine silt (granular material of size between sand and clay), which accumulated for several millions of years onto the ocean bed of Okinawa, appeared on the surface by upheaval of the ground. The silt is very precious because you can find it only in limited area of Okinawa. Kucha, accumulated for several millions of years at bottom of the sea contains variety of minerals, has been used as a part of traditional beauty treatment in Okinawa.

  • Aloe
    Aloe barbadensis
  • Gettou
    Shell ginger
  • Okinawa mozuku
    Okinawa mozuku
    Okinawan seaweed
  • Shikuwasa
    Okinawan citrus fruit
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