Philosophy – from president

We turn the nature’s grace into cosmetics.

Emiko Higa

I have always had hard time selecting my cosmetics because of my skin hypersensitivity. No matter what I bought, attempts ended up with failure. A very few of them fit to my skin type.

Furthermore, as a wife who came from outside Okinawa, the worst thing that give a huge impact of my skin was … ’the glittering, aggressive sun of Okinawa’. I have never experienced such strong sunlight different from the mainland and suffered from them every day.

“I want to use cosmetics every day at ease” this desire was the motivation to develop hand-maid cosmetics.

There is producing district of vitamin-C-rich Acerola in Yanbaru (northern region of Okinawa) where I have lived in for long time. In addition, I paid attention to Acerola most of which is grown without a agrochemical and surrounded by extraordinary environment. Also, Okinawa has many other graces from nature of beautiful ocean and mountain.

“It must be amazing cosmetics if I make a best use of these graces.” this thought makes me launched the development of natural cosmetics with a focus on Okinawa-made Acerola.

There are various line-ups from cleansing to quasi-phermaceutical products now. We delightfully have received the voices from customer saying “After using it, skin condition is very well.”

We turn the nature’s grace into cosmetics…
My long time dreams come true.

I want everyone to try our products by all means and experience the beauty of it.

  • Emiko Higa
  • Emiko Higa
  • President of Yanbaru Iroha LLC.
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